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The Des Moines Venom was founded by a group of passionate, like-minded individuals who love working with and developing young student-athletes.  We love the game of football and believe the game offers the opportunity to teach many life lessons.  We don't believe in focusing solely on football.  Yes, our student-athletes will learn the game and will play on a high-level, but focusing solely on football leaves too many opportunities on the table to teach life lessons and prepare our athletes for life outside the game.


Our goal is very simple; we want to develop leaders.  Our athletes will be held to three main areas of accountability:

1) To be leaders in the classroom

Our athletes will be expected to be good students.  They are expected to be model students, thus providing the type of leadership in the classroom that other student can emulate.  

2) Leaders among their peers 

As a Des Moines Venom player our athletes will understand that wherever they go, they not only represent themselves, but also their family, their community and their football club.  Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.  Being a leader among your peer groups means avoiding things that don't honor to all they represent.

3) Leaders in their community

Our athletes will understand the great opportunity they have to impact those around them in their community.  This can happen in may different ways such as service to others or involvement in community activities.  Having a positive impact in the community they live will  further set the Des Moines Venom player apart.

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